Why Health Insurance is Important for Every Person, Let’s Know in Details

Treatment is becoming increasingly expensive in good hospitals of the country. It is not possible for every person to get expensive treatment. In such a situation, many people want to get health insurance. Due to the worldwide corona epidemic, people have started thinking about health insurance.


Why health insurance is important

Health insurance is important for every age person. Changing lifestyles can cause disease to people at any age. In such a situation, illness and age cannot be combined together. Along with this, inflation is increasing rapidly and treatment in private hospitals has become very expensive.

Getting timely treatment in government hospitals is a big challenge. In such a situation, it is not possible for the common man to spend lakhs of rupees on treatment. In such a situation, health insurance can prove to be of great use. You can get health insurance by depositing a few thousand rupees per month. With this, you can be guaranteed treatment up to several lakh rupees.

benefits of health insurance

Many benefits of health insurance

The insurance company pays for the treatment of up to a certain amount of health insurance, and you do not have to bear the money during the treatment. Insurance companies have tie-ups with many good hospitals and you can go to those hospitals and show them your documents and get them treated for a certain amount. Along with this, many companies also give the option to include health checkups in the policy. You can take advantage of these facilities by increasing the premium by a small amount.

Along with this, there is a tax exemption on providing health insurance and you can take advantage of it. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Payment Act, people are exempted from health insurance up to a certain amount.

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